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As a working musician, you face a myriad of challenges every day.

Perhaps you’ve been asked to sing lower or higher than ever before. Maybe you want to expand the genres you are currently comfortable performing in. Perhaps you’re an instrumentalist, actor, or dancer who suddenly needs to sing (eep!). Or maybe you’re just a little bit vocally fatigued with all of the hard work you’ve been doing, and are wondering if there might be a better or easier way. 

Whether it’s retooling your audition package, preparing for an upcoming gig or audition, or receiving ongoing support while you’re performing regularly, Kim Lamoureux Voice Studio has something to offer you.

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Since I began working with Kim I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my voice.  I have also become more comfortable performing as a solo artist.  She teaches using positive reinforcement and is constantly educating herself in order to help her students learn new tools to achieve their own goals.  She is encouraging, pushing me outside of my comfort zone but never in a way I can not handle.  I've learned so many techniques which will stay with me through my career as a performer and I look forward to working with her for years to come."

Christopher Murray, Wilmington

Tenor Vocalist, Celtic Spells  (tour cast)

Pop Tenor, Freda World Music

NATS New England Regional Vocal Competition

2nd Place, 2022

jenney dale holland.jpg

Kim is a true master of her trade and has a rock solid technique which she shares with her students.  As a professional actor and singer her lessons help me to maintain proper vocal production in performance and her classes always push me to the next level vocally.  I would recommend Kim to anyone just starting out as a singer as well as veterans of the craft who wish to maintain vocal health and technique."

Jenney Dale Holland, Peabody

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