Kim is an awesome voice teacher! I was brand new to singing lessons, and I have learned an incredible amount in just a year. She has a great way of explaining how to find the right sound, how to feel it, how the muscles all work together, in a way that helps me understand. She's super supportive and helped me climb my biggest hurdle in the beginning, which was lack of confidence. Every piece we work on challenges me to improve different aspects of my singing and now I look forward to the recitals!

Deanna S, Wilmington

Kim is an amazing and inspirational teacher for an adult student.  She has a vast array of techniques to help you learn and understand  proper vocal production.  Kim has helped me break through a lifetime of bad habits and lack of professional training .  With great patience and enormous creativity, Kim is always bringing new ways of translating the various aspects of advanced vocal technique.  I continue to improve year after year and look forward to my next challenge. 


Joanne M, Winchester

Kim is a true master of her trade and has a rock solid technique which she shares with her students.  As a professional actor and singer her lessons help me to maintain proper vocal production in performance and her classes always push me to the next level vocally.  I would recommend Kim to anyone just starting out as a singer as well as veterans of the craft who wish to maintain vocal health and technique.


Jenney Dale Holland, Peabody

I can’t say enough about Kim Lamoureux as a voice coach!! She has worked with both my daughters for the past 2 years and I  have watched my daughters soar!! Her personalized coaching and expert knowledge is invaluable!! She is a true professional in every sense of the word, as well as trusted advisor and role model.  She is extremely resourceful in the business and provides much guidance to her students!! Kim simply put is an AMAZING teacher!!!


Cathy R, mother of Alivia, North Reading

3rd Place, 2019 NATS Boston Student Auditions

I have been training with Kim for over four years and have done nothing but grow from the experience. Kim is an excellent teacher that adapts to the learning needs of the student. She motivates constantly and provides encouragement when needed. Kim makes her lessons suitable for the intentions of the performer-whether someone who is participating as a hobby or someone who is training for a career. During lessons Kim creates a well-rounded student; one who knows proper technique, terminology, acting skills, and one who is able to use their skills outside of the classroom. Kim not only sculpts great performers, but good people.

Neva V, North Reading

3rd Place, 2015 NATS Boston Student Auditions

Kim is an excellent operatic voice teacher. She instills correct technique in her vocal students and encourages regular practice of this technique, even in an everyday setting (for example, posture and diaphragmatic breathing). Kim is very personable and has a fairly flexible time schedule. Her place of operation is organized and comfortable. Personally, I have been treated like a person and not a student or customer, which was unexpected and pleasant.

Kim is skilled in her profession. She is patient with mistakes and problems. If you are singing just for the joy of singing, and want to be trained classically, then she is a wise choice.

Rachel C, Revere

Honorable Mention, 2013 NATS Boston Song Fest

Kim Lamoureux, a successful soloist in her own right, is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable of the study of voice and works well with students of all ages.  Her enthusiastic manner and encouraging approach allow you to look forward to each lesson.  She is particularly helpful to people like me who suffer from performance anxiety.  I would recommend Kim to both beginners and experienced vocalists alike who are looking to improve their singing capabilities.


Loretta T, Woburn

My ten year old daughter has a passion for singing, and wanted to take voice lessons. After doing some research, we found Kim. I couldn't be more pleased with our choice! Kim is wonderful with my daughter. The lessons are the perfect mix of fun and structure. Kim has a gentle seriousness about her that is great for teaching a child. My daughter counts the days until her next lesson. She has been taught how to stand, breath, and is learning how to read the notes that make the music she loves to sing! 


Sheila O, Woburn

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