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You love singing. Singing is your pathway to freedom, joy, and self expression. 


But, perhaps until now, you've been too timid to try, or told by others that you shouldn't.


Or, maybe you've imagined yourself sharing your gift confidently, freely, and authentically with the world. You know you have something worth developing. But there's something that's holding you back from expressing all that you know is inside of you, and you're not quite sure how to move past that, or what your pathway forward is.


I'm here to tell you that there is a path forward for you, and you have a place here. Imagine:

  • Singing high notes with ease

  • Being able to sustain your belt money notes for days

  • No more cracks

  • Expanding your range 

  • Enjoying the sound of your own voice

  • Letting go limiting beliefs around what your voice used to be, or what you think your voice "should" sound like

  • Being able to authentically express ALL of the music that you long to sing

  • Stepping out with the confidence that comes from being at peace with where your voice is at, each and every day

All of this is possible for you, and more.


At Kim Lamoureux Voice Studio (KLVS), we’ll (re)build your skills and cultivate your confidence so that you can be the singer you were meant to be.


You have something to offer the world. Let’s start the journey now so that you can sing with confidence, clarity, and ease, and freely express the joy that you know is inside you.


I have been studying with Kim for about 8 years. My initial goal was to be a better singer to compete for roles in community theater.  The first epiphany with Kim’s leadership was that you can continue to improve your technique, expand your vocal abilities, and continue to grow in your art form.  I naively thought that you just learned how to sing correctly and then you have mastered the course. 

Her amazing teacher skills and knowledge have continued to enhance my singing and achieve my ever-evolving goals.   Now I know that I can continue to develop my vocal abilities including exploring new genres of music.  Over this time with Kim, I have gained ownership of my own sound and abilities, and know that I don’t have to fit into a certain mold.  

I have nearly finished, with Kim’s help,  a multi-year project of developing a one- woman musical show case for nursing homes especially memory care units. Something I want to provide to nursing homes across the country as I travel to see the National Parks during retirement.

I especially appreciate Kim’s enthusiastic support for projects like this - always encouraging her singers to keep reaching and improving no matter where her students are in their journey. 

I am also exploring a new genre of music beyond musical theater and will be developing the skills to perform various trends in folk. She is a great coach and partner in singing that goes far beyond providing a technical lesson. 

Joanne Morin, Laconia NH

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